This page keeps all the published development videos in one place so that you don’t need to hunt for them on the main blog.

It should be noted, that these are videos of the game in active development. As such, things are liable to be changed, improved upon or even removed! That said, they should give you a flavour as to what is on offer.

This video shows off unit side slipping:

This video shows off the advanced formation modelling and changes:

This video shows off the battle replay functionality:

This video shows off the line of sight system:


The video below shows the effects of movement on unit cohesion:


And this one shows the effects of fatigue (cohesion was not yet in when this was filmed):


This earlier video shows the effects of the terrain on the units in the game:


This video presents an overview of Ancient Armies’ unique mapping system:


A stress test of the mapping system that shows it can be used for large and complex maps:


The next video shows off Ancient Armies detailed unit turn mechanics – probably the most detailed of any currently released wargame:


The next video is an early one that shows the simultaneous unit movement and time compression controls:


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