Telematics – Done!

It's Magic!

It’s Magic!

This is a relatively short update post.

The photo above shows the end result of my work on telematics. Here I have a game running on my Surface Book laptop on the left, whilst my Surface Pro on the right is picking up that game’s internal data in real-time! 🙂

As a result I’m a very happy chappy!

I can now run with two machines, with one of them configured to show me realtime data feeds directly from within the game itself. This will reduce by a significant order of magnitude the amount of time that I will need to invest in future debugging endeavours.

The finished application.

The finished application.

The finished application has had a lot of additional functionality added to it to allow one to pan and zoom around the data – hence all the additional buttons.

It’s underlying protocol has also been switched from Named-Pipes to TCP/IP. This change proved to be remarkably trivial thanks to the way I architected both Hermes (the communications layer) and the Telematics solution itself.

In terms of project time, I pretty much hit the nail on the head too:

Not bad.... Only an hour out...

Not bad…. Only an hour out…

The original estimate was for 1 week of development, the actual time taken was one week plus 57 minutes. As estimates go, that was a good one!

I’m now in a good place with regard to communications. I quite literally have the technology to code the multiplayer functionality that I want to add.

So where now?

The next phase is bug fixing. This will be a few weeks of relatively-boring-but-has-to-be-done-fixing and architectural tweaks.

Once complete I will make a start on the mythical column movement.

I will see you then!




4 thoughts on “Telematics – Done!

  1. it is really great to see someone have the same thing that they wanted to see , Keep up this good great job i can’t wait to see it finished , thank you for your work and i hope to finish it fast 🙂

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