Excitement and really wild things!

The new technology that I'm digging into!

The new technology that I’m digging into!

Ok, I might have overstated my case, but I am excited – very excited!

In around three weeks time I will be starting a new job that will result in me deploying and interacting with new technologies.

As with any geek, learning new tech, especially cutting edge new tech is always exciting and fun!

The downside to this is that I will be temporarily halting Ancient Armies development, to free up time to play with this new technology. That said, I do expect to be back up and running in 1 to 2 month’s time – so do not despair!

One advantage of being a home developer and a professional developer is that the skills learnt from one domain can be applied to the other and vice-versa. They complement each other, especially if the two skills sets are different – as here.

My mind is already bubbling with many ideas to which to above technology can be put to with regard to Ancient Armies, so learning it will be a good thing all around! 😎

I’ll see you all in a month or two.




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