Wheelin’ Dealin’

Unit wheeling is now done! :D Click for full-sized image.

Unit wheeling is now done! πŸ˜€ Consecutive wheels like those shown hereΒ were simply not possible due to some calculation inaccuracies – but this has now been addressed! (Click for full-sized image.)

I mentioned on the last blog post that there was a little more coding to do for wheeling. This has now been done. Unit wheeling is now complete! 😎

The additional code was required to fix some inaccuracies that crept into the wheeling manoeuvres themselves. It is why on the previous blog I was careful not to show two consecutive wheel orders being issued.

This has now been fixed, hence the picture above. The calculations are now accurate enough that when multiple wheels are issued, the calculated turn points appear exactly in the right place. One can tell this is the case because a consecutive wheel in the same direction should result in a turn point that overlaps the previous one.

Aesthetically, the only thing I’m not too happy about is that where a subsequent wheeling manoeuvre is carried out in the opposite direction from the previous manoeuvre, Β the turn point ends up to one side of the previous arrow head – as opposed to its centre. See the unit on the right for an example of this in the image above.

This is not a bug. It is simply due to the fact that the turn arrows are aligned such that their outer edges align with the turning unit’s outer edge – something that I think looks good. However, the downside is that a consecutive turn point will always appear to be on one side of the previous arrowhead simply because the unit’s edge is not aligned with the centre of the arrow.

I could alter the code so that the unit edge does align with the centre of the arrow, but I think this looks a lot less cool for single wheel turns – which will on the whole form the majority of these type of orders.

So what’s next?

I’m due on holiday next week, so as a result I’m not going to do any more coding until I get back – simply because I’m at a natural stop-point. The last thing I want to do is start something complicated, go on holiday, then come back and have my brain fried! πŸ˜†

As a result there won’t be any updates for around two weeks, but you shouldn’t be too concerned.

To tide you over, here is what’s on the current development schedule:

  1. Fix a Line-of-Sight issue with non-rectangular units
  2. Code unit road and column travel
  3. Implement units with no cohesion
  4. Add terrain effects on movement
  5. Model formation and equipment effects on movement

Well that’s it for a few weeks! I’m off to enjoy the sun in far away lands πŸ™‚




5 thoughts on “Wheelin’ Dealin’

  1. Really looking forward to seeing how you handle column movement Rob. Looks like you’ve got the “wheel” about licked!

    What are your plans for light troops? Sorry, I’m trying to be patient. πŸ˜‰

    • Wheeling is mostly done, though there are two other turning modes I will be modelling – these are used for horses, chariots and unformed units.

      Light troops is still up in the air. I have a few ideas, but I need to see what the potential performance impact of those ideas will be first. πŸ™‚

  2. Enjoying following this πŸ™‚
    May i ask how long you project this taking to complete ?

    And how you project the finished product to look. (Features ect)
    Do you intent on having variety of unit such as slingers and other ancient tactical groups ?

    • Thanks James. With regard to the length of the project, I’m going to have to pull the classic ‘it will be done when it’s done’ card πŸ™‚ I suspect some time next year, but it’s a solo project that I have to juggle with real employment and other life commitments. Hence the lack of a project end date.

      There will be a variety of units. In fact the system already supports Slingers – I just haven’t created any yet πŸ™‚

      Features wise – I have a list of features that is iteratively worked on, so as a result they are in constant flux. However, one advantage with a home project vs a commercial project is that I will have a lot of time to try out innovative stuff.

      • Thanks for the reply and cool πŸ™‚
        It is good to know this is a good hobby and you are only puting effort that you want to put into it, im sure this will turn out amazing.
        Keep having fun and making cool stuff.

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