Command Ops? :) (Now updated with better videos!)

Not the same!

Not the same! (Click for full-sized image)

Hi all, I thought I’d produce this quick post to highlight the differences between the Ancient Armies Mapping system and the one used in the excellent Command Ops series.

There seems to be some rumours floating around that Ancient Armies is a direct copy of Command Ops with regards to mapping. Whilst I’m honoured to be compared to them – after all they do produce the best operational level wargames – I want to be clear that the two systems and the technologies used therein are in fact very different.

I think the reasons for these comparisons is that Ancient Armies and Command Ops are one of the few computer wargames systems that can show and deal with curves in their terrain. In fact I think they are the only two that can, unless anyone can let me know of others 🙂

As such, I think that when people are seeing curved contours on a map of a wargame, they are immediately associating it with Command Ops, as up until now, they had the only system capable of handling these rather complicated constructs.

Anyways, enough of my whiterings….

Here are two videos of the respective mapping systems so that you can draw your own conclusions… (Ancient Armies is actually a lot smoother in operation than the u-Tube video would have you believe)

Both videos have been updated with better sound and to show off more of the fundamental differences between the two systems.




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